5 things to know before you install a pool fence

5 things to know before you install a pool fence

03 Apr 2019

In order to get the best quality results for your pool fence, you should consult us at Pool Glass Fencing before installation. Our expert team will provide a free measure and quote prior to installation that will save you money and time altering your fence once it’s completed.

There are 5 things to know before you install a pool fence:

1. Fence height
The Building Code of Australia (BCA) states the minimum height of a pool fence should be 1.2 metres (1,200mm) from any floor level, balcony, terrace or landing.

If you want to increase the height of a pool fence with infants around, it is recommended.

2. Styles of fences
The style and looks of your fence is very much a personal decision. Using our highly skilled and experienced installation teams, we make sure all of our pool fences and balustrades meet strict council requirements for safety. The following are some of our main styles:

Semi-Frameless Glass Fencing is the most cost effective glass fence system to give your pool or outdoor area that exclusive look without compromising safety.

In this system the glass slides into the post channeled grooves. A rubber seal is then applied to fix the glass in place. This system can be installed into all surfaces including concrete, tiles, pavers, grass and sand.

Stainless Steel Glass Fencing is a glass fencing system that gives you that classy atmosphere to your pool and outdoor area.

This system gives a more open feel compared to the semi-frameless system, as there is a gap between the post and the glass.

Frameless Glass Fencing is the ultimate in glass fencing – giving you style, quality and safety for your pool and entertainment area.

Frameless glass has no posts, but instead has 2 small stirrups at the bottom of each glass panel. Pool Glass Fencing drill core holes into your floor surface, and then the stirrups are concreted into the ground to ensure the fence is secure and strong.

3. Guarantee of products
We offer a 3-year warranty on the entire installation of the glass pool fence. We also offer other warranties, such as a 10-year warranty on our Duplex Grade 2205 Stainless Steel Spigots.

4. Standard of products
We have used the same installation team leader for the past 4 years, who’s had over 15 years of experience installing glass balustrades & glass pool fences, and he does an excellent job.

Therefore, all of your 12 mm clear toughened glass panels will be fully compliant will all glass pool fencing regulations (manufactured to Australian Standards), and your frameless glass pool fence panels will be installed free of scratches.

5. Building registration
The construction of a balustrade or pool fence is regulated by the building act 1993, which means it is a legal requirement that any project must be carried out by a registered building practitioner.

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