What products do you use with your glass fencing?

FRAMELESS – We use 12mm toughened glass panels with polished and bevelled edges that comply with Australian Standards AZ / NZS 2208, and duplex grade 2205 stainless steel spigots for all our Frameless Glass installations.

SEMI-FRAMELESS – We use 10mm toughened glass panels with polished and bevelled edges that comply with Australian Standards AZ / NZS 2208, and T5 Structural Grade Aluminium semi-frameless posts for all our Semi Frameless Glass installations.

Where can I find the appropriate standards for swimming pool safety?

Attached below is the Australian Standard (AS 1926.1-2012) Swimming Pool Safety – Part 1: Safety barriers for swimming pools.

Does The Glass Pool Fence Comply With Local Council Requirements?

Local Councils follow the Australian Standards 1926.1-2012 and all of our installations are guaranteed to meet this standard.

What is the timeframe for the installation of my fencing?

Timeframes vary for each installation, and can only be judged once they’re quoted. However, generally our lead times are 2-3 weeks from March-August each year, and our lead times are 3-4 weeks from September-February each year.

Can the glass pool fence be attached to a timber deck?

Yes, however this isn’t the recommended base for your fence, as timber isn’t as sturdy and reliable as concrete is. The best method is to use concrete beneath the decking to allow standard drilling to take place. We then install thick galvanized pipes into the concrete, and these galvanized pipes are used to bring the spigots up to the height of the decking.

Can the glass pool fence be installed into concrete, poured aggregate, liquid limestone or limestone blocks?

Yes. As stated above, these are the four strongest floor surfaces for glass fencing to be installed into. Our professional installation team core drills holes through your floor surface to create a hole of sufficient depth for the stainless steel spigots or aluminium posts to be placed into, and then a high strength grout is used to secure the spigots or posts

Can the glass pool fence go into paving?

A semi frameless glass pool fence can go directly into paving. However, a fully frameless glass pool fence needs a 300mm wide x 300mm deep continuous concrete footing under the paving in the line of the pool fence.

Do you offer warranties?


  1. All glass pool fencing and glass balustrades installed by Urban Glass Fencing (Urban Glass) will comply with the relevant Australian Standards.
  2. No responsibility is taken for damaged water or gas pipes, plants, electrical or telephone cables, or any ground services unless we are otherwise forewarned in writing.
  3. Our contract for fencing is supplied as per the measurements and details in our “quotation email”. Any differences are payable or refundable if these measurements / specifications are wrong.
  4. All materials remain the property of Urban Glass until they are paid for in full, & as such we maintain the right to retrieve such materials until your full & final payment is made.
  5. Urban Glass Fencing will guarantee all stainless steel spigots and powder coated posts for a period of 5 years, they will guarantee the general installation of your new glass pool fence or glass balustrade for 2 years, and they will guarantee & adjust your stainless steel gate hinges, latch and floor spring for a period of 12 months. Costs will be incurred by the customer if any issues occur outside these warranty periods. Urban Glass will also ensure that all of your glass panels comply with the relevant Australian Standards, that they are installed free of scratches – but no glass panels will be replaced free of charge if they become damaged 14 days or longer after the date of the installation of your glass pool fence or glass balustrade panels.
  6. Final payment must be made on the day of completion by the person(s) named in the “Quotation email”. Our bank account details are listed on page 1 of the attached Quotation or in the body of our email.
  7. The email you send to Urban Glass confirming that you would like to proceed, & the payment of your deposit is deemed to be proof of your acceptance of your Quotation.
  8. No job will commence until a deposit or purchase order has been received. Your installation date will be advised after placement of order and payment of deposit.
  9. Stairs which are to have a floor treatment such as tiles, timber or granite laid prior to the installation of the Glass Balustrade may not be measured or produced until the floor treatment has been fitted. Carpet is normally fitted after the install of the Balustrade.
  10. Scaffolding and lifting equipment to be supplied by the client and / or builder when it is required for the installation at the client and / or builders cost.
  11. Should a job be ordered, and no progress with the installation takes place within 12 months, we reserve the right to vary the contract and vary the price in line with cost and price increases.
  12. The client(s) undertake to give Urban Glass Fencing clear and unobstructed access to the said property (and any required services such as power and water) at all reasonable times for the purpose of carrying out these works.
  13. This pricing does not include any engineering reports or electrical work specific to this installation. Should they be required, the client will be completely responsible for obtaining any required engineering reports or electrical work (eg earthing of products), and this engineering or earthing work will also be completely at the cost of the client.

It should also be noted that we have used the same installation team leader (Albert) for the past 8 years. Albert has had over 20 years of experience installing glass balustrades & glass pool fences, he is extremely reliable & professional, and he does an excellent job.

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