Glass Balustrades Perth

Glass balustrades are the ultimate product to be installed in your stair, void and balcony areas – as they maximise the outlook in these areas of your house.

At Urban Glass Fencing, our team mainly specialises in Frameless Glass Balustrades – although we can also install a Semi Frameless Glass Balustrade for you. Our consultant will come to your home, and then they will custom design the most suitable glass balustrade for your house. Read more…

We have used the same highly skilled and experienced installation team leader for nearly 8 years – ensuring that we will be at your house at the agreed time (and fully prepared to complete your glass balustrade installation).

All whilst using only the highest quality products.

All Urban Glass Fencing balustrades meet strict council requirements for safety, and they are fully compliant with all the relevant Australian Standards”. It is now a council requirement that balustrades that have a drop of over 1 metre must have handrail – unless your preferred product is the laminated Vistaview product (see details about Vistaview in the individual glass balustrade sections).

At Urban Glass Fencing, we believe our frameless glass balustrades for stairs, void areas and balconies are amongst the best offered in Perth.

What are the balustrade options?
We offer Side Pin Fixed, Spigot Mounted and Chanel Mounted balustrades.

What are the handrail options?
You can select from a Side Mount Handrail, Top Mount Handrail or no handrail.

How do I arrange a quote?
You can email your plans to us or we can arrange for an on-site visit.

Types of Glass Balustrades

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