Installing a glass pool fence – why the quality of installation is imperative

Installing a glass pool fence – why the quality of installation is imperative

03 Apr 2019

A lot of companies that mass-produce their services also tend to provide Do-It-Yourself (or commonly referred to as DIY) Glass Fencing. DIY is very prominent nowadays, although an insistence on quality installation should never be undersold.

Pool Glass Fencing only supply and install glass pool fencing, and we have used the same installation team leader for four years.

There are several consequences associated with insufficient installation:

An increased risk of accidents and damages:
Injuries or health issues associated with fence malfunctions, issues or irregularities can lead to legal action.
Compromise aesthetic benefits:
If it isn’t constructed properly, you are likely compromising the style, design and looks of your fence.
Risk of not following safety standards:
Not everyone is wary of the Australian Standards for pool safety
All of our installations are guaranteed to meet this standard.
Higher costs:
Using substandard materials might seem cheaper in the short-term, but they’re proven to be less reliable than the high quality products we use, and can translate into extra long-term costs
At Pool Glass Fencing, we provide quality installation through detailed planning, and we convert this into the correct use of our skills and expertise.

Our team specialises in Glass Pool Fencing and Balustrades, using only the highest quality products with guaranteed service. All pool fences and balustrades we install meet strict council requirements for safety.

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