Making a choice between semi-frameless and frameless glass fences for your pool designs

Making a choice between semi-frameless and frameless glass fences for your pool designs

03 Apr 2019

Homeowners buy glass fences to provide all their typical benefits – safety, security, and a clear view to be able to see the kids. The two main types of glass fencing are semi-frameless glass fencing and fully frameless glass pool fencing. At Pool Glass Fencing, we supply both.

Semi-Frameless Glass:

Our semi-frameless glass fences are made up of structural grade aluminium posts. The standard colour is dulux precious silver pearl, but can be powder coated to any colour if required. The glass we use for these fences is 10mm toughened glass with polished and beveled edges, with all glass panels complying with Australian standards. This glass pool fence relies on the aluminium posts for stability, and it is a popular cost effective option.

Frameless Glass:

Our frameless glass fences have no posts, and we use 2 small spigots at the bottom of each glass panel to support the frameless glass panels. We drill core holes into your floor surface, and the spigots are then concreted into the ground to ensure strength and security. The glass is slightly thicker than Semi-Frameless glass pool fences at 12mm, and it’s also toughened with polished and beveled edges.

Frameless glass fences look amazing as they provide a ‘total see through’ experience. However they do need a strong floor surface to be installed into (e.g. poured aggregate, liquid limestone, limestone blocks, paving with a concrete footing under the paving).

This can be an extremely difficult choice to make, as both types of fencing are incredibly strong and durable. In terms of price, the frameless glass pool fence is generally around $90 more per meter as the product and installation costs are both higher with this type of glass pool fence.

No matter your decision, using our highly skilled and experienced installation teams at Pool Glass Fencing, we provide the easiest and most cost effective solution to getting the job done.

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