How to Clean Glass Balustrades

06 Oct 2020

Urban Glass Fencing - An Easier Way To Cleaner Glass Panels We are often asked “what is the best way to keep a glass fence or glass balustrade clean”, and there are many answers. While it’s true that all panels need cleaning, there is a right way and a wrong way to extend their life span. What you need to know is that glass panels

Tips for planning your pool fence

03 Apr 2019

A swimming pool fence is a necessity in all family homes. Safety is the primary thing to consider when planning these fences, and we abide by the AS 1926.1-2012 Australian Standards for swimming pool safety at Pool Glass Fencing. However, there’s more than just safety to consider when you plan your new pool glass fence for your home. There are a few important things to

Different types of gates and latches in pool fencing

03 Apr 2019

Depending on which type of fence you prefer, there are different types of gates and latches associated with each. Semi Frameless Glass Pool Fences: Semi-Frameless fences only come with a spring loaded glass gate, and the spring loaded gate has a set of stainless steel hinges and a magnetic ‘magna’ latch. Frameless Glass Pool Fences: This type of glass pool fence comes with a choice

Safety standards for Australian Swimming Pools

03 Apr 2019

The AS 1926.1-2012 Australian Standard: Swimming pool safety is the most recent update to home pool regulations, which is what we abide by at Pool Glass Fencing. The objective of this Standard is to assist pool owners/users in avoiding pool-related drowning by providing design, construction and performance of various barrier options, which are designed to restrict entry to the swimming pool area by young children.

How to Clean a Glass Pool Fence

03 Apr 2019

It’s extremely easy to maintain and clean glass pool fences without having to spend too much time, effort and money. Although in saying this, it should be noted that glass fences cannot be treated the same as say your glass windows. By this, we mean you can’t simply use general glass window cleaning substances to clean your pool fences, as they leave unwanted residue. Too

Installing a glass pool fence – why the quality of installation is imperative

03 Apr 2019

A lot of companies that mass-produce their services also tend to provide Do-It-Yourself (or commonly referred to as DIY) Glass Fencing. DIY is very prominent nowadays, although an insistence on quality installation should never be undersold. Pool Glass Fencing only supply and install glass pool fencing, and we have used the same installation team leader for four years. There are several consequences associated with insufficient

Making a choice between semi-frameless and frameless glass fences for your pool designs

03 Apr 2019

Homeowners buy glass fences to provide all their typical benefits – safety, security, and a clear view to be able to see the kids. The two main types of glass fencing are semi-frameless glass fencing and fully frameless glass pool fencing. At Pool Glass Fencing, we supply both. Semi-Frameless Glass: Our semi-frameless glass fences are made up of structural grade aluminium posts. The standard colour

5 things to know before you install a pool fence

03 Apr 2019

In order to get the best quality results for your pool fence, you should consult us at Pool Glass Fencing before installation. Our expert team will provide a free measure and quote prior to installation that will save you money and time altering your fence once it’s completed. There are 5 things to know before you install a pool fence: 1. Fence height The Building

Pool fencing regulation in Western Australia

03 Apr 2019

It was reported last year that one third of backyard swimming pools across WA failed to meet safety standards. Under the building laws, local councils must inspect backyard pools every four years. Figures provided by Royal Life Saving show that 34% of inspected pools last year failed the first compliance check. Additionally, between 2010-2014, 16 toddlers drowned in residential pools, and for every drowning death

Design considerations when buying a balustrade

03 Apr 2019

If you are renovating an area of the house or starting from scratch, there are several design tips to consider when buying a balustrade: Space: Firstly, and probably the most important initial consideration, is the space where the balustrades will be placed. For instance, if it is outside you might look at using more resilient materials to counteract strong weather conditions. Or if it’s inside

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