Pool fencing regulation in Western Australia

Pool fencing regulation in Western Australia

03 Apr 2019

It was reported last year that one third of backyard swimming pools across WA failed to meet safety standards. Under the building laws, local councils must inspect backyard pools every four years. Figures provided by Royal Life Saving show that 34% of inspected pools last year failed the first compliance check. Additionally, between 2010-2014, 16 toddlers drowned in residential pools, and for every drowning death there were 10 hospital admissions for pool-related injuries.

Statistics like these have resulted in strict pool fencing regulations that must be followed if you are installing pools within WA. For instance:

Pools installed after July 1, 1992, require a fence between the house and pool area (if they are over 300mm deep)
Before the construction or installation and alteration of pool barriers, gates and doors that provide access to the area, a building permit is required first
Once a building permit is granted, your pool needs to be fenced prior to being filled with water (more than 300mm deep)
At Pool Glass Fencing, we comply with Australian swimming pool standards, through building fences with:

A permanent structure
A minimum height of the fence being 1,200mm
Durable material, with apertures greater than 13mm but not greater than 100mm, complying with the Australian standards
Which are vertical or leaning away from the pool by no more than 15 degrees

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